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Hawaii Movers

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Need Movers to help you move to or from Hawaii or the surrounding area? Your in the right place is helping people find the best Hawaii moving company for their needs. All the Moving Companies are high-quality, Professional, licensed and insured Hawaii movers.

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    Hawaii Resources and Information

    Hawaii is the 50th state in the US, being admitted in 1959. Hawaii is actually a long chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The major industry in Hawaii is tourism and agriculture. If you are planning a move to Hawaii, you will need information on living on an island, as well as employment, tax and insurance basics. Check out the websites to help plan your move to the Aloha State.

    The State of Hawaii Official Site
    The University of Hawaii
    Hawaii Department of Transportation
    Hawaii Motor Vehicle Division
    Auto Moving to Hawaii
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    Hawaii Information

    Hawaii 50th State Of The United States, Comprising A Group Of Eight Major Islands And Numerous Islets In The Central Pacific Ocean, C.2,100 Mi (3,380 Km) SW Of San Francisco.

    Hawaii Economy

    Sugarcane And Pineapples, Grown Chiefly On Large Company-owned Plantations, Are The Major Agricultural Products. Macadamia Nuts, Papayas, Greenhouse Vegetables, And Coffee Are Also Important. Other Products Include Cattle And Dairy Products. Commercial Fishing, Especially Tuna, Is Also Significant. Tourism Is, However, The Leading Source Of Income, And Defense Installations, Including Pearl Harbor.
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