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Missouri Movers

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Need Movers to help you move to or from Missouri or the surrounding area? Your in the right place is helping people find the best Missouri moving company for their needs. All the Moving Companies are high-quality, Professional, licensed and insured Missouri movers.

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    Missouri Resources and Information

    The capital is Jefferson City and the largest city is St. Louis. The major industries of Missouri are farming, mining, aircraft equipment, cars and beer. Former president Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar on May 8, 1884. Missouri was named for an Algonquian Indian word that means "river of the big canoes" and the state’s nickname is “The Show Me State.” The information on the following websites will be useful if you are planning to move to Missouri.

    The University of Missouri
    Missouri Department of Transportation
    Missouri Motor Vehicle Division
    Auto Moving to Missouri
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    Missouri Information

    Missouri One Of The Midwestern States Of The United States. It Is Bordered By Illinois, Kentucky, And Tennessee, Across The Mississippi R. (E), Arkansas (S), Oklahoma, Kansas, And Nebraska (W), And Iowa (N).

    Missouri Economy

    Missouri's Economy Rests Chiefly On Industry. Aerospace And Transportation Equipment Are The Main Manufactures; Food Products, Chemicals, Printing And Publishing, Machinery, Fabricated Metals, And Electrical Equipment Are Also Important. St. Louis Is An Important Center For The Manufacture Of Metals And Chemicals. In Kansas City, Long A Leading Market For Livestock And Wheat, The Manufacture Of Vending Machines And Of Cars And Trucks Are Leading Industries. Coal In The West And North Central Sections, Lead In The Southeast, And Zinc In The Southwest Are Among The Resources Exploited By Missouri's Mining Concerns. Lead (Missouri Has Been The Top U.S. Producer), Cement, And Stone Are The Chief Minerals Produced. Missouri Remains Important Agriculturally; With Over 100,000 Farms, The State Ranks Second Only To Texas. The Most Valuable Farm Products Are Soybeans, Corn, Cattle, Hogs, Wheat, And Dairy Items. The Development Of Resorts In The Ozarks, Including Branson And Several Lakes, Has Boosted Tourism Income.
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