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Ohio Movers

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Need Movers to help you move to or from Ohio or the surrounding area? Your in the right place is helping people find the best Ohio moving company for their needs. All the Moving Companies are high-quality, Professional, licensed and insured Ohio movers.

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    Ohio Resources and Information

    Ohio was the 17th state in the US, being admitted on March 1, 1803. The largest and capital city is Columbus. Ohio is the 7th most populous state. The major industries in Ohio are manufacturing, farming and mining. Ohio is the site of the invention of the airplane, resulting from the experiments of the Wright Brothers in Dayton. Although aircraft production in the US is now centered elsewhere, there are many aerospace, defense, and NASA parts and systems suppliers scattered throughout the state. If you are moving to Ohio, the information on the following websites has useful tips and advice for your relocation to Ohio.

    The State of Ohio Official Site
    The University of Ohio
    Ohio Motor Vehicle Division
    Auto Moving to Ohio
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    Ohio Information

    Ohio Midwestern State In The Great Lakes Region Of The United States. It Is Bordered By Pennsylvania (NE) West Virginia (SE), Kentucky (S), Indiana (W), And Michigan And Lake Erie (N).

    Ohio Economy

    Ohio Is Highly Industrialized, Yet It Also Continues To Draw Economic Riches From The Earth. Among National Leaders In The Production Of Lime, Clays, And Salt, It Is A Historic Center Of Ceramic And Glass Industries. Ohio's Soil Supports Rich Farms, Especially Where It Was Improved Ages Ago By Additions Of Glacier-ground Limestone. Although Most Of The State's Income Is Derived From Commerce And Manufacturing, Ohio Also Has Extensive Farmland, And Large Amounts Of Corn, Soybeans, Hay, Wheat, Cattle, Hogs, And Dairy Items Are Produced, Although The Number Of Family Farms Is Rapidly growing. Railroads, Canals, And Highways Crisscrossing The State Have Since The Late 19th Cent. Provided The Means For Transporting Large Amounts Of Raw Materials And Manufactures. Lake Erie Ports, Chiefly Toledo And Cleveland, Handle Iron And Copper Ore, Coal, Oil, And Finished Materials (including Steel And Automobile Parts). In Spite Of Massive Industrial Decline Since The 1960s, Which Has Made Ohio The Center Of The “Rust Belt,” The State Retains Many Manufacturing Centers, With An Emphasis On Heavy Industry. Leading Products Include Transportation Equipment, Primary And Fabricated Metals, And Machinery.
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