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Rhode Island Movers

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    Rhode Island Resources and Information

    Rhode Island was the first of the thirteen original American colonies to declare independence from British rule, signaling the start of the American Revolution. Rhode Island was the 13th state in the US, being admitted on May 29, 1790. The capital and largest city is Providence. With only 1,545 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA, and the 43rd most populous with 1,048,319, as of the 2000 census. Major industries are textiles, jewelry, rubber products, machinery, and tourism. Rhode Island is known as the "birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution" because it was in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that Samuel Slater set up his first mill in 1790, using the waterpower of the Blackstone River to power his mill. If you are going to move to Rhode Island, check out the information on the following websites. This will help you with issues such as the economy, job market and general state laws of Rhode Island.

    The State of Rhode Island Official Site
    The University of Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Department of Transportation
    Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Division
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    Rhode Island Information

    Rhode Island Smallest State In The United States, Located In New England; Bounded By Massachusetts (N And E), The Atlantic Ocean (S), And Connecticut (W). Its Official Name Is The State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations.

    Rhode Island Economy

    Rhode Island's Traditional Manufacturing Economy Has Diversified And Is Now Also Based On Services, Trade (retail And Wholesale), And Finance. In Spite Of This, Many Of The Products For Which Rhode Island Is Famous Are Still Being Manufactured. These Include Jewelry, Silverware, Textiles, Primary And Fabricated Metals, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, And Rubber And Plastic Items. Tourism And Gambling Are Also Important. Agriculture Is Relatively Unimportant To The Economy. Most Of The Farmland Is Used For Dairying And Poultry Raising, And The State Is Known For Its Rhode Island Red Chickens. Principal Crops Are Nursery And Greenhouse Items. Commercial Fishing Is An Important But Declining Industry. Narragansett Bay Abounds In Shellfish; Flounder And Porgy Are Also Caught. Naval Facilities At Newport Contribute To The State's Income.
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