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Wyoming Movers

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Need Movers to help you move to or from Wyoming or the surrounding area? Your in the right place is helping people find the best Wyoming moving company for their needs. All the Moving Companies are high-quality, Professional, licensed and insured Wyoming movers.

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    Wyoming Resources and Information

    Wyoming was the 44th state in the US, becoming a state on July 10, 1890. The capital and largest city is Cheyenne. There are 97,818 square miles, making it the 10th biggest state, yet the least populous state with 493,782, as of the 2000 census. Major industries are farming, mining, oil, natural gas and tourism. Wyoming is generally considered an arid state with much of the land receiving less than 10 inches of rainfall per year. Consequently, the land supports few opportunities for farming. Ranching, however, is widespread, especially in areas near the numerous mountain chains Wyoming weather is cool, dry, and windy in comparison to most of the United States. Severe weather is not uncommon in Wyoming, with the state being one of the leading states for hail damage in the United States. If you want to move to Wyoming, check out the information on the following websites for use tips and advise for relocating to Wyoming.

    The State of Wyoming Official Site
    The University of Wyoming
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    Wyoming Information

    Wyoming One Of The Rocky Mt. States Of The W United States. It Is Bordered By South Dakota And Nebraska (E), Colorado And Utah (S), Idaho (W), And Montana (N).

    Wyoming Economy

    Dry Farming, Producing Hay, Wheat, And Barley, Is Supplemented By The More Diversified Yield (especially Sugar Beets And Dry Beans) Of Irrigated Fields. Most Of The Inhabitants Of The State Derive Their Livelihood Directly Or Indirectly From Farming Or Ranching. The Most Valuable Farm Commodities, In Terms Of Cash Receipts, Are Cattle, Hay, Sugar Beets, And Wheat. Sparse Grasses Over Much Of The Region Necessitate A Large Grazing Area For Each Animal, And The Average Ranch In Wyoming Is Larger Than In Any State Except Arizona. Sheep Graze In Places Unfit For Cattle, And Both Sheep And Cattle Range By Permit In The National Forests. Cooperative Grazing Tracts Are On The Increase. Horses, A Prized Essential In The Practice Of Ranching, Are Carefully Raised And Trained. Mining Is The Largest Sector Of The State's Economy, Accounting For About One Quarter Of The Gross State Product. Oil Wells Were First Drilled In The 1860s, And Today Petroleum Is The State's Most Important Mineral. The Production Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products Is Centered In Casper. Natural Gas Is Also Of Considerable Economic Significance. By The Late 1980s, Wyoming Ranked First In The United States In The Production Of Coal, Sodium Carbonate, And Uranium. Considerable Amounts Of Gold, Iron, And Various Clays Are Also Mined. Important Manufactures Include Processed Foods And Clay, Glass, And Wood Products.
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